6 staircase interior design trends for 2023


Staircases aren’t just a way to get from one level of a building to another – they can be one of the first things you see when you enter the ground floor. When designed and decorated well, they can become statement features, enhancing the interior design and value of any home or business.

While staircases have been used as focal points in entranceways for centuries, staircase styles and materials have constantly cycled in and out of fashion. If you’re in need of creative ideas for a stylish new staircase this year, here are 6 of the staircase trends informing interior design in 2023.

1) Helical staircases

Originally created as a form of protection for defending soldiers in medieval castles, most of us associate spiral staircases with fairy-tale palaces. They do tend to have a similar level of impracticality, being narrow stairs wound tightly around a central pole.

Perhaps this is why their cousin, helical stairs, is experiencing an increase in popularity. These curved stairs gracefully sweep around to bend back on themselves as they rise to the next floor, forming a similar shape to DNA molecules.

They achieve a looser spiralling visual effect, while providing more space to move when using the stairs due to the wider radius. A luxurious helical staircase can create a high-end look worthy of a film set, but they do come with a heftier price tag.

2) Floating staircases

Cantilever staircases have been a trend for a while now, but this popularity shows no signs of dying out in 2023. Commonly known as floating staircases, their minimalist design and hidden structure create the illusion of treads that are floating in the air.

In reality, they’re cantilevered, with the ends secured to a framework hidden in the wall on one side, while the other side appears to be open and unsupported. This deceptively simple design allows light to flow through the stairs and creates unique visual interest.

Floating staircases can be left as they are to maintain the sense of magic, or made safer with a suspended handrail or glass balustrades that don’t disrupt the visual too much. With such a complicated mechanism behind them, though, these stairs can also be an expensive choice.

3) Brightly coloured staircases

Many people have had enough of boring greige, and want to add some more passion into their daily lives.From powder-coated panels to painted wooden spindles, staircases provide a great base for experimenting with bright colours to create a standout feature.

With PANTONE’s Colour of the Year being Viva Magenta 18-1750, interior design in 2023 is sure to veer into the realm of bold shades that are both warm and exciting. This isn’t necessarily for the faint of heart, since not everyone wants an electrifyingly bright staircase in their home.

However, the best part of this trend is that it’s easy to achieve without replacing your stairs or staircase parts, making it relatively cost-effective. You could simply paint or stain your existing stairs to give them a fresh look that brings them right up to date.

4) Staircases with runners

Many trends over the past few years were a direct response to the ongoing strain of the pandemic, with most people seeking out comfort more than ever before. This means bringing cosy soft furnishings and comforting textures into our homes.

As carpet is also making a comeback this year, what better way to combine multiple trends in one than to lay carpet or a runner down the centre of your staircase? You can even choose a colourful one to check that trend off, too. Runners don’t just make the stairs look pretty, they also soften the sound of feet on the steps, and reduce wear and tear – just don’t forget the underlay!

There are endless design choices that you could make when it comes to selecting a staircase runner, but you should aim to match the colours and design styles throughout the surrounding hallway to ensure that it either blends in or contrasts in a complementary way.

5) Staircases with metal spindles

Though it stands apart from other trends, such as soft and comforting styles and eye-catching colours, metal staircases are still forging a trend of their own. The entire staircase doesn’t have to be made out of metal, but decorative metal spindles can really transform the entire flight.

Metal is typically stronger and hardier than timber or glass, requiring less upkeep to maintain its appearance and quality, so investing in stylish steel or wrought iron spindles is a great way to improve the longevity of your staircase at the same time.

We’re not just talking about simple straight spindles, either. From traditional scroll or vine designs to art deco with contemporary twists, the ornate patterns that can be achieved with metal spindles look both elegant and creative, especially when painted black. You could even paint certain parts gold or silver to highlight them even more.

6) Mixed material staircases

Combining different materials can achieve a greater visual impact for your staircase. For example, combining metal spindles with a wooden bannister adds more dimension than just sticking with wooden spindles, giving your stairs an elegant or industrial edge, depending on the design.

Sustainable timber is, of course, still a very popular material for stairs, but many people want something a bit more modern than an entirely wooden staircase to revamp their entryways. One of the most popular solutions for this is to use a mix of glass and metal.

Whichever shape or style your staircase may be, it can be transformed into a clean, contemporary structure where the flow of light through glass balustrades makes the space feel airy and bright, while metal components such as steel posts or handrails provide minimalist décor and practicality at the same time. You could opt for a softer-looking brushed satin finish to add a hint of warmth.

Does your staircase need a makeover?

This could be the year of the brand new stairs. It’s understandable to be put off by the thought of how expensive it can be to install a new staircase, but it’s rare for staircases to be entirely replaced when they’re perfectly stable and undamaged.

Unless you want to replace a straight staircase with a curved one, or swap standard stairs for cantilever stairs, your makeover project could be far more affordable than you think. There are many ways to switch up your stairs to meet new trends without replacing the staircase itself.

Whether that’s painting wooden stairs, replacing spindles with glass panels, or adding new colours and patterns to the area with a unique runner, you can modify your existing staircase with a satisfying result while saving on costs.

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