Who will benefit from Google Cloud Platform? 


The public cloud isn’t reserved only for big players. Anyone can utilize the same technologies used by global corporations (including Google). The cloud consists of many elements, and the stack can be selected in accordance with the business needs. Check out who and thanks to what factors can benefit from Google Cloud Platform services.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform (abbreviated to GCP) is a set of cloud services for software programmers, system administrators and data engineers. These are the same solutions that Google has used to develop its projects.

You can freely select from Google Cloud Platform services to create your infrastructure tailored to the needs of your business. Solutions available in the cloud include:• virtual machines and almost unlimited computing resources;• Kubernetes cluster management platform;• PaaS services that enable rapid deployment, also for containerized applications;• cloud databases and cloud storage;• data warehouses and Big Data services;• out-of-the-box machine learning and artificial intelligence models.

For whom Google Cloud Platform can be useful?

Generally, for everyone. Google Cloud Platform solutions are scalable and adapt to business requirements – as does their cost. A company from the SMB sector has the same access to cloud solutions that global corporations use (even Google itself). In both cases, companies will pay depending on the computing power utilization.

Cloud services can be used by companies from various industries. Starting from retail, through manufacturing, and ending with healthcare. Google Cloud Platform even has sets of services dedicated to specific industries.

Hundreds of ready-made services, scalability, global availability or cost optimization possibilities – those are fairly universal benefits that all GCP users can enjoy. You can read more about the benefits of Google Cloud Platform on the FOTC website.

Cloud pricing. How much will you pay for Google Cloud Platform?

Payment for cloud services is calculated depending on the configuration and level of consumption. Services run on demand and are charged on a minute or even second basis.

For example, the cost of one of the most popular Google Cloud Platform services – Compute Engine, a virtual machine service – is based on, among others:• the type of a machine – performance, memory, disc space, vCPU or GPU;• data centre location – the price for the service will be different for an instance in Las Vegas, different for the London location, and different for a machine in Tokyo;• networking, ingress and egress traffic;• computing power consumption – if the application traffic is low, the cost will be low as well; if traffic increases, the service will scale up, and so will the price.

Google Cloud Platform consists of nearly 200 services, each of which has a different price, depending on other factors. The cloud infrastructure cost can be assessed only with excellent knowledge of the technical side of the application and an understanding of cloud services.

Using the cloud with the support of a local Google Cloud partner is advisable. The partner, having certified cloud engineers on board, knows the solution and how to optimize cloud costs. Remember that the wrong choice of cloud services or incorrect configuration can lead to unnecessarily high fees.

Want to start your cloud journey? Check out Google Cloud Platform training courses

FOTC has been a Google Cloud partner since 2014. We have certified cloud engineers and architects, data analysts and cybersecurity specialists on board who share their knowledge during customer training sessions. The courses we offer result from combining official Google Cloud documentation with the experience our specialists gained from numerous cloud projects. Want to know more? Visit our website: fotc.com.

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