How to Design a Flyer: 5 Tips for Eye-Catching Designs


Did you know people can remember 10% of written content and 65% of visual information just three days later? 

Visuals are more effective than text. Pictures are the fastest way to capture your customer’s attention from an infographic to a website banner.  

By incorporating eye-catching graphics into your digital flyer design, you create a lasting impression that stands out from the crowd and leaves an impact on your audience. It may seem like a science, but it doesn’t take much to create an effective design. 

If you are wondering how to design a flyer, this short and simple guide is for you. 

1. Decide on the Size of Your Flyer 

This depends on the number of words and images you will include. If you want a long message, use a larger size of paper.  

If your message is brief, use smaller-sized paper so that it will not look crowded. You should also consider the size of the room or space where you will place these flyers on display. 

2. Use Contrasting Colors 

If two colors blend or fade into one another when placed side by side on a page, don’t use them together.  

Instead, choose one color as the background and one as the text color or vice versa. This will make it easier for people to read your flyer and ensure they can read everything clearly. 

3. Use High-Quality Images and Photo Editing Software 

If you want your flyer design to look professional, use high-quality images. Find pictures online or use your photos.  

If you have access to Adobe Creative Cloud, many free photo editing tools, like Adobe Spark, make it easy to edit photos and add text. If you’re looking for more advanced editing options, Photoshop is an excellent choice. 

If you want to learn about photoshop tools, click here. 

4. Include the Right Amount of Text 

If you are wondering how to make a flyer, one-third of your flyer should be white space so that it doesn’t look too cluttered or busy when it’s printed out in black and white.  

If your flyer is going to be printed in color, then you can use more text. However, it’s still important to keep the design simple and easy to read so that people don’t get overwhelmed by a lot of text on the page. 

5. Make It Personal 

Your customers want to feel like they matter to you, so don’t just stick a bunch of facts and figures on your flyer.  

Personalize it by including photos of members of your staff or products that have been designed with input from customers. This will make your company seem more personable and trustworthy, two qualities consumers look for when making purchases. 

How to Design a Flyer: This Is How to Boost Your Business

When deciding how to design a flyer, it is helpful to remember that you don’t have to rely on bright colors and gaudy designs.  

Sometimes, the best way to grab people’s attention is through simplicity. Use white spaces as a design instrument, and allow your images and illustrations to be the primary focus of the design. 

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