PayPal Casino Users Beware: The gambling industry and Paypal Scams You Need to Be Aware Of in 2022


When playing for real money in a casino you want to make sure that all the transactions you make are completely safe. This is where you’ll benefit from knowing that your chosen casino is a PayPal casino, as this is the safest payment method around. Many of the casinos we reviewed offered this payment option, but in our opinion, one of the best PayPal casinos was LeoVegas, when everything was considered. Know more at paypal casinos uk. When choosing your PayPal casino there are other aspects you need to take into account, such as: whether or not it offers a PayPal casino bonus, and terms and conditions attributed to that bonus; the variety of games on offer, not just slots but table games and more; also, whether they have a good and professional customer support team. Of course, you also need to know that it’s licenced in the UK.

The vast majority of online casinos are legitimate, but sadly, there are a few bad apples who ruin it for everyone. I’ve seen many casino scams in my time, and I’m going to share some of them with you today. I’ll also teach you how to avoid them.

Scam casinos can make your life a living hell. It goes way beyond just losing a deposit in the worst cases. Unfortunately, there are some really bad actors running rogue casinos. As you’ll see, these online casino scams target you in many different ways. But in the end, they’re all about stealing your hard-earned money.

Online gambling is a thriving global enterprise. However, various challenges remain – notably the safety and security of players vis-à-vis payment processing information and player identity protection. To guard against these security threats, online casinos across the UK and continental Europe have been moving towards safer methods of money transfers, notably credit cards, debit cards, e-Wallets, and bank wire transfers.

The inclusion of secure payments processing options is an important part of the process. Real money online casino gaming is only possible if the payment processing options are secure, reliable, and efficient. As one of the world’s leading providers of deposit/withdrawal services, PayPal has quickly assumed the mantle as the ranking payment processing solution. PayPal casinos have a sterling reputation with players, and for good reason.

There are many stellar examples of world-class PayPal casinos, not least of which is LeoVegas. Other ranking online casino operators include the likes of SuperCasino, William Hill Casino, Mr Green, and Ladbrokes. Together, these established brands dominate the online gaming scene. Many of the top-tier PayPal Canada casinos also offer a wide selection of bonuses and promotional offers for players. These include a range of welcome deposit bonuses, re-deposit bonuses, daily deals, multi-deposit bonuses and the like.

While slots are the dominant game variety, other game options are readily available such as casino card games, casino table games, instant win games reviews and the like. Many of the ranking PayPal casinos are also associated with full licensing and regulation – another feather in their cap. It is important for players to read the terms and conditions of all offers before depositing at an online casino. PayPal casinos are known to be excellent providers of customer support and service, exciting online casino games, and an enjoyable overall experience.

Making the Case for PayPal Casinos

Scams info has conducted extensive reviews of PayPal casinos and the evidence suggests that more players trust PayPal over other payment options. PayPal has an established reputation as a secure payment method. It is widely used for deposit and withdrawal purposes the world over. PayPal casinos are generally regarded as secure, but it is incumbent upon players to conduct the necessary research to ensure that the terms and conditions of play are favorable and that the game selection meets expectations. PayPal adds fees to deposits and withdrawals, and players will want to be aware of these elements before registering and playing for real money.

Thanks to secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, PayPal is safe and all transactions are secured. PayPal’s reputation is built on its relationships with its clientele. It does not partner with shady operators, since this would adversely affect its business. With PayPal, it is not necessary to provide banking details to the online casino – all of that information is protected in the secure PayPal account. Information like credit cards, bank account numbers, ID documents, and the like are secured in the PayPal ‘vault’, and they do not get shared with other organizations.

Players will want to know a thing or two about the fees levied by PayPal. There are transactions fees with this payment processing method, and some of them are markedly higher than traditional online money transfer services. The flipside of the coin is that PayPal has an established reputation and is internationally revered. Believe it or not, in many cases the casino is responsible for the payment of PayPal fees.

On rare occasions, players will be saddled with fees when transacting through PayPal and a reputable online casino. Before getting started, it’s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions of the online casino in question to ensure that no fees or minimal fees are added to PayPal transactions. Since PayPal is available for deposits and withdrawals, it can be selected as the default payment processing method at casinos. Players simply need to enter their PayPal credentials from the cashier at the casino, after having created an account for this e-wallet provider.

PayPal deposits and withdrawals are safe and secure and once withdrawals are processed, they can take up to 3 business days to clear. Fortunately, PayPal is efficient and there are little if any delays in the processing of payments to and fro. Additional safeguards such as ID verification may be required when larger transactions are being processed. This is not intended to annoy players; it is an additional safeguard designed to secure transactions and player accounts. Any online casino needs to be verified safe and secure. While PayPal has strong brand awareness among players, the casino still needs to be checked for full licensing and regulation.

So, what are the worst online casino scams? How can you avoid them? Grab a cold one, settle in, and let me show you!

Casino Scam One: Outright Deposit Theft

This is by far the most common online casino scam. In fact, it is the endgame of most casino scams, although they all have different ways of doing it.

Deposit theft is exactly what it says. The casino entices you to make a deposit, then makes it impossible for you to withdraw your money. You sign up, register, and the casino either close your account or freezes it while putting up endless hoops to jump through before you can reactivate it. Then, the customer support staff strings you along or ignores you when you try to get answers.

These operators know that most people will get frustrated and give up if the deposits are small. How likely are you to spend days and weeks chasing a $20 deposit? After all, time is money, and it’s just better to cut your losses at some point.

The more malicious ones will play the long con and win your trust over a series of smaller deposits and withdrawals which go without a hitch. Once you trust them, they lay the trap with a huge reload bonus offer. What happens if you take it? You guessed it—they close your account, freeze it, and either give you the runaround or stonewall you. With the first of the two online casino scams, most of us forget about $20 after a while. We probably won’t make too much of a fuss, and that’s why they continue to get away with it.

But bigger deposit thefts will enrage most players, who will be highly motivated to get their money back or make the casino pay with reputational damage. As a result, these online casinos don’t last as long, and the operators keep shutting down sites, moving to other offshore countries, and reopening new brands to run the con again.

Playing Casino Games with PayPal Money

Playing casino games with money from a PayPal account is hugely popular among regular players. This is because it’s one of the safest and most simple payment methods online. More and more online casinos are starting to not only offer PayPal as a payment method, but also allow users to create PayPal accounts from the casino’s bank. So, whether you have a pre-existing PayPal account or not, you can start making deposits and playing for real money in no time. Using PayPal allows you to make deposits and withdrawals without ever sharing your banking or credit card details with the casino or any third parties, making it a very attractive option for many. Don’t forget that you can also get a welcome bonus when playing and paying with PayPal. Check out the best casino bonuses.

UK Slot Sites That Accept the Payment Method

If you’re a slots fanatic, you have a wealth of slots sites to choose from where you can pay with PayPal. Most UK gambling sites are full to the brim with exciting slot games, so no matter what casino you choose to visit you’ll have plenty of variety when it comes to slots. Best of all, in most PayPal slots casinos you don’t even have to pay right away. Take a few spins in a demo before you make a PayPal casino deposit and start playing for real money.

New PayPal Phishing Scam

Don’t let yourself become the next victim of this malicious phishing scam. We’re advising all of our PayPal casino depositors to be very careful if they receive any emails that appear to be coming from PayPal, especially those that warn the user that their account needs attention.

There are several ways in which users can be proactive about protecting their PayPal accounts. One is to make sure that the email, and the link supplied within, are genuinely coming from PayPal by closely observing the context for grammatical and/or syntax errors.

“First, there’s an email with logos and verbiage that sounds great (that is, “look and sound authentic”),” said ESET security researcher, Cameron Camp. “Notice, however, errors in grammar and syntax that suggest the author isn’t a native English speaker. That’s one of the clues.”

As an example, Camp published an actual email that appeared to come from the online payment processor.

From: PayPal <

Subject: Your Account Has Been Limited (followed by a legit-looking Case ID #)

The email goes on to describe an “issue” with the user’s account, requesting the user help PayPal to resolve the problem. Until it’s resolved, they are warned that their account has been “temporarily limited”.

Within the text of the email, however, there are several grammatical errors, such as:

“We understand it may be frustrating to not have full access to PayPal account.”

In proper English, that should have read “to your PayPal account.”

Then there’s a header that reads:

“What the problem’s?”

Obviously, that should state something more to the effect of, “What is the problem?” or “What the problem is.”

The recipient is then advised that the problem “usually pretty easy” to resolve, by simpy supplying “a little ore information”. They are asked to click the Login link below to access their account and find out more.

Upon clicking such a link, the observant PayPal casino depositor will notice that it doesn’t direct them to a website. Instead, it could be one of thousands of dynamically generated scam URLs. The page displayed may look completely legitimate, but the URL domain will give it away.

It could even look as if it has a genuine security certificate by starting with https://, or hxxps://, but don’t let that fool you.

As Camp noted, “the domain has nothing to do with PayPal sites, but rather are scam URLs. As with other campaigns, scammers typically use a myriad of dynamically generated domain names — sometimes slight variations on the real name — which is another clue that something isn’t right.”

#1 Way To Avoid PayPal Phishing Scam

Even if the information in the email is written in proper English, you should never click the link within the email. If you want to check on the status of your account, instead, open a new browser and type in the URL – in this case,

If there is a genuine problem with your account, you will be notified the moment you login through PayPal’s secure server. If, on the other hand, you are able to login and access your account as normal, you know the email was a fake phishing scam.

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