What to expect in Virtual DevOps World 2021


DevOps World goes to be rolling out shortly, which means you will anticipate many opportunities to seek out all concerning DevOps, connect with similar professionals, attend in-depth technical coaching courses and workshops, and frequently celebrate.

DevOps World 2021 can have all of these things. However, since the pandemic continues to affect society, this year’s conference shows a discrepancy. It will be much happening from twenty-two to twenty-four Sept and free each session and activity from charge.

As usual, the conference, hosted by CloudBees, can introduce all the weather of the foremost necessary and best DevOps-focused event to the folks themselves, creating it obtainable with simply a handful of clicks of the mouse. We’ve created varied content and other new technical school options to allow attendees to act as if they were really there nearly.

Here’s a quick outline of what to expect in DevOps World 2021.

DevOps World 2021: dynamic the long run of software package Delivery

The pandemic has prompted corporations around the world to adopt a very new method of operating. It pushed folks out of their workplace environments into new things wherever the lines between work and residential began to blur. This has modified our work patterns. However, it’s allowed folks to appreciate a replacement perspective at the same time.

During DevOps World, we’ll explore what people’s worlds seem like if currently and how DevOps is dynamic in the world of software package delivery. We’ll host sessions that concentrate on however corporations adapt their thinking throughout the pandemic. They go to say. However, they use new technologies, modify processes, change schedules, and act in new ways with workers, customers, and business partners. Software package drives modification inside the globe these days, and we’ll discuss however DevOps managed it right and can pave the method for the long run.


Conferences, of course, area unit nice places to participate in impromptu get-togethers, network, and luxuriate within the blessings of a pleasing gathering. The pandemic halted personal events for 2021. However, we’ve come back up with several fun ways that to act nearly. Attendees will use the new stapled chat options to act throughout Q&A with speakers and random conferences with different attendees. We tend to have virtual galleries wherever you will act via live video and chat with DevOps consultants from corporations worldwide. The meeting we significantly want forward to perhaps a brand new ‘Quick Meet,’ wherever participants will try up with another random attendee for a 30-second video chat.


DevOps World has long been renowned for its vivacious and stimulating vary of flagship speakers. This year’s conference can push the boundaries once more, with 9 business leaders presenting talks that concentrate on wherever DevOps is currently, wherever it’s heading. The method the audience will higher use advanced practices to appreciate success tomorrow.

Speakers include:

•Mitch Ashley, CEO of Accelerated ways cluster.

•James Governor, Redmonk Co-founder.       

•Marky Jackson, Director of Open supply and Community Ambassador at CDF, OpsMx.   

•Tracy Rajan, CEO of DeployHub and a member of the CDF Board of administrators.

I will give insights on business trends and 2 different executives at CloudBees, CEO Sasha Labor and Senior chairperson, SDM, and head Sean Ahmed.

Working sessions

A diverse cluster of DevOps rock stars can host over a hundred technical sessions and sessions, including:

•”Data-Driven DevOps: The Key to rising Speed and vary,” by Jenkins founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi.

•”Automated testing as a section of pipelines” by Rosalind Radcliffe of IBM.

•”Engineering Chaos Engineers of Chaos” by mythical being Ye of faery.

•”EBay’s Journey Building CI at Scale” by Ravi Kiran Rao Buka and Vasumathi Sinovasan for eBay.

•”Bad Code Kills 5 Essential Quality Portals you’d like on Your CloudBees Home Channel” by Eric Meisel of OverOps.

Training and certification

As a present for collaborating in sessions and projecting to sponsors, DevOps World participants can have the prospect to receive a free certification voucher, which can be accustomed earn CloudBees two Certified Jenkins Engineer certifications. I will realize a lot of data concerning these certifications on  CloudBees Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer.

Additionally, the conference can host a series of post-presentation workshop sessions on Friday, Sept twenty-five, presenting the following sessions: CloudBees CI Workshop – Managing Continuous Large-Scale Integration, Introduction to Forming Jenkins as Code, CloudBees CI Workshop – centered Developer expertise, Free Open supply Dependency, and Risk Assessment Tools, sensible Workshop: Introducing Feature stigmatization and mensuration and protruding Business Impact on DevOps – active Workshop.

The fun half

DevOps World this year can have an element of virtual fun. We have a tendency to area unit running an internet media crusade with the hashtag ShowUsYourWorld. inside the course of recent months, our workplaces and homes area unit connection throughout an extremely natural work-life equilibrium, which we tend to have to be compelled to understand what the universe of participation can resemble:

• How it custom-made.

• What I learned.

• What obstacles did you overcome?

How have your priorities changed?

Our goal is to celebrate the worldwide DevOps community by permitting folks to share their stories with the U.S.A. Another fun issue that we’ll do throughout the conference is a 5-kilometer running competition run through a fitness app, and thus the prizes can attend charitable donations.

DevOps World 2021

DevOps World set the benchmark due to the most effective DevOps event on the calendar. Whereas this year’s edition will not bring all attendees along beneath one roof, it still guarantees to do to try to do what it perpetually does: exceed expectations.

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