Why Online Gambling is Always a Trending Topic


Nowadays, it doesn’t take long to come across a gambling related topic in the news. Sports news channels are always talking about new partnerships between clubs and betting companies.

Across the pond, American news organizations are constantly giving attention to legalization laws. If they are not describing states that have legalized iGaming, they are talking about states with plans to legalize the sector.

So, why is online a trending topic all over the world?

People Win Real Money

When you think about, any activity that helps people make money fast gets attention. Take the stocks trading industry as an example. Many news organizations have a section dedicated to stocks and forex trading.

Now, online gambling doesn’t make everyone rich. But it does mint new millionaires every now and then. When this happens, it becomes a trending topic on newspapers, blogs, TV stations and podcasts.

Everyone loves overnight success stories. And online gambling provides lots of them. You’ve probably heard stories of people who won millions of pounds from small bets.

Such news encourages others to try their luck with slots, poker and roulette. Word to the wise: Experiment casino gaming through bonus money. Visit free-spins.net for a guide on the best casino bonuses. Use these free spins to play slots for fun. If you’re lucky, you could also win money.

It’s On the News

Many online trends explode after appearing on mainstream media. Think of political campaigns. No one cares about political campaigns until mainstream TV stations begin to cover the topic constantly.

It’s the same case for online gambling. When the media isn’t covering casinos and sportsbooks, few people talk about it. But once it’s on every network in the country, it’s all people can think about.

Media organizations cover gambling news for a wide array of reasons. The main reason is that it affects a lot of people. In the UK, more than 10 million people say they bet on sports or gamble regularly. This is a huge percentage of the population that would be interested in gambling news.

Of course, any sensible topic covered by mainstream news networks end up on social media, YouTube and blogs. The more the media covers betting companies, the more attention the industry gets.

Government Regulations

As we mentioned earlier, online gambling has been experiencing increased regulation around the world. In the US, talks about legalizing iGaming have been going on for over two decades.

The US finally allowed states to legalize online casinos in 2011. However, this decision didn’t hit headlines compared to the 2018 ground-breaking decision to legalize sports betting.

In the UK, iGaming has been legal since 2005. Still, the government has been making efforts to increase restrictions in the industry every few years. For example, it banned the use of credit cards for gambling purposes in 2019. This news hit headlines all over the world.

Gambling affects millions of people. Scratch that. Lots of people would like to play slots and bet on sports legally. But they can’t. When news come up that a country is permitting gaming, everyone who’s always wanted to gamble pays attention.

It’s a Multi-Billion Industry

When you think about the industries that trend regularly, a majority of them generate billions of dollars. Technology is an excellent example. We talk about technology every day because it employs millions of people and produce billions of dollars in revenues to countries.

The casino industry is no different. It’s a $61 billion industry, according to Statista. As we also mentioned, a tremendously high number of people gamble online. On top of that, there are many corporations that benefit from the industry.

For example, sports generate hundreds of billions of dollars in sponsorships from betting companies. Nearly half of the English Premier League and more than two-thirds of the Championship teams have betting sponsors.

The bottom line: multi-billion industries are fodder for trending topics. If a country bans gambling, it gets on the news. If the EU introduces new rules for gambling sites, it has to trend.

Online Gambling is a Trendsetter

Another reason online gambling seems to trend regularly is because the industry invests some of these trends. Let’s start with crypto adoption. In the early days of bitcoin, most industries shunned the coin.

However, online gambling embraced the digital currency as a valid way to deposit and withdraw funds. Due to this, crypto got more coverage over time. That said, iGaming has set numerous trends.

For example, it was one of the first industries to adopt HTML for building websites. Casinos embraced HTML5 to help design more intuitive mobile sites. In all fairness, gambling companies utilized web apps because they facing problems with their native apps on Google and Apple Stores.

Another trend gambling companies embraced quickly was personalization. They embraced this trend to increase engagement with their customers. And in doing so, they hoped to succeed at retaining their fan base.


The online gambling industry is highly competitive. As a result, game developers, casinos and content creators are always inventing new experiences. Some of these inventions barely get noticed.

However, some of them have hit headlines and become trending topics on social media for months. Take live casino gaming as an example. Before Evolution brought us live dealer gaming, people believed casinos were a lonely place.

In this age of live casino gaming, you can play poker and blackjack with your friends. Another major invention that has kept the gambling industry trending is live betting. This affects sports bettors.

Nowadays, you can bet on football, tennis or basketball after a match has begun. This leads to an exciting experience, especially if you also watch a game you plan to bet on.


The biggest reason online gambling is always trending is because it’s a major industry. It generates over $60 billion per year. A lot of this money goes to governments as tax. It also goes towards paying salaries and winnings made by lucky gamblers.

Because it’s a huge industry, any major change to rules and regulations will get people talking.

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