5 Top Benefits of Scent Marketing for Your Business


Did you know people are 100 times more likely to recognize something they smell than something they see, touch, or hear?

Scent marketing has been around for hundreds of years. But with the rapid technological advances, businesses and organizations are becoming more aware of its potential to influence consumer behavior.

How scent marketing works is it provides a deeper interaction between the customer, company, and product. Several benefits make scent marketing something that you want to implement in your promotions plans.

1. Scent Marketing Attracts Customers

The olfactory bulb in the brain can process thousands of smells at once, and it’s connected to parts of the brain that control emotion and memory.

So when customers enter a store or business that smells good, they’re likely to have a positive reaction to the scent and feel more relaxed or happy, even if they can’t put their finger on why they feel that way.

2. Scent Marketing Builds Brand Loyalty

Do you know those people who love their favorite perfume or cologne so much that they will buy it repeatedly? That loyalty is what scent marketing can help create for your business, too.

When customers come into your store or office and smell something familiar, it reminds them of their last experience with your company. Hopefully, it was a pleasant experience with friendly staff members, which makes them want to come back again soon.

3. Scent Marketing is Easier to Recall

Scent marketing for business is one of the most memorable types of advertising because it works on multiple levels.

When you smell something, it goes straight to your emotional center and triggers memories. So if you’re trying to advertise your business in a crowded market and want people to remember where they’ve been, it’s best to use scent marketing.

4. Scent Marketing Appeals To Your Senses

One of the benefits of scent marketing is it appeals to your senses. If a customer comes into contact with your store’s scent when they walk through the door, they’ll likely remember it later when they’re shopping elsewhere.

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5. Scent Marketing Helps You Create a Positive Experience

Scent is one of the most powerful senses and can make an immediate impact on your customers.

Regardless of whether you’re in retail or healthcare, your patients and customers will smell your business before they see it. That means that you can start building a positive association between their experience and your brand before they even enter your office or store.

Scent Marketing Can Give Your Business a Boost

Scent marketing has been gaining popularity over the last decade.

And for good reason. Aromas have a deep connection with emotions and memories. When used correctly, scent can be an asset to your business’s overall marketing plan.

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