Dapper Look with Dinner Jacket at Black Tie Events


Soon you will be busy receiving invites for formal evening events. These black tie events are going to keep you occupied. Therefore, why not check if you are ready with your dinner jacket to look dazzling at these events? Here is a basic checklist for a dinner jacket that you shouldn’t ignore before sending your RSVPs. 


Best Colour Options for Dinner Jackets 

The three best colour options for dinner jackets are classic black, midnight blue, and white. You will get the most timeless and classy look with a classic black dinner jacket. It is best for everyone at any time of the year. Midnight blue is another great option, mainly for those who want to stand out stylishly. 

White dinner jackets are great for hotter tropical weather due to their soft tone. For more details, we would definitely suggest checking out Jack Martin’s dinner jackets.

The Traditional Design of Dinner Jacket

 A man looks at his best when a dinner jacket is perfectly executed. The traditional design of the dinner jacket is so perfect that there is no need to change it. The most stylish dinner jackets have a shawl or peaked lapel. Unlike other jackets, the lapels are not made of any different fabric but the same material. It can be either silk or satin. Its jetted pockets give it a more elegant look.


Always Go For Classical Tailoring

A dinner jacket of classical style and fit is an investment that will pay for many coming years. So you should go for a more traditional style. If you don’t intend to spend money because your dinner jacket has dated, go for classical tailoring. New fashions and styles often become outdated. Your safest bet is a traditional design that hasn’t changed much over a hundred years. 

How to Take Care of Your Dinner Jacket?

You have to give them proper care for the garments that are meant to last as the years go by. Your dinner jacket is one such garment. To keep it in good shape and condition, try following these instructions.

  • Hang your dinner jacket on a hanger that is designed for this job. Don’t use a cheap hanger.
  • Before storing the dinner jacket, make sure to clean it from any stains, adores, and spills. 
  • Always use a breathable bag to keep the dinner jacket. You don’t want mould or dust on it.


Last Words

In short, you don’t look stylish but uninformed by not following the black-tie affair rules. The only way to stand out from everyone else is to follow all the small details. To avoid any mistakes, let James Bond or Dean Martin be your inspiration. You are ready for a dapper and dashing look at any black tie event.

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