The most stylish men’s watches for businessmen


Choosing the right watch for the office is a matter of great importance. After all, a timepiece is a businessman’s trademark. Wristwatches always make a good impression with colleagues and interlocutors. That’s why it’s a good idea to wear a stylish business watch at the office.

What are the best watches to wear to the office?

The men’s watch or smartwatch you wear to the office should, above all, look simple. It’s best to choose a classic and timeless model that refers to the tradition of your watch company. You shouldn’t save money when buying a watch or smartwatch. Go for a reliable model that looks attractive and guarantees durability for many years. When choosing a watch, you should also pay particular attention to how comfortable it is to wear, so that it doesn’t end up on your desk when you arrive at the office.

The most stylish men’s watches

Any businessman who cares about his image knows that a stylish men’s watch or smartwatch is half the way to making a good impression on others. Here are some of the best men’s watches for businessmen.

Swiss classics – Atlantic watches

Atlantic is a Swiss watch company that was founded in 1888 by watchmaker Eduard Kummer. The first Atlantic watches were made in the small town of Bettlach, located in Switzerland. At the beginning, the company had a different name to the one it has today. Its name was Eduard Kummer Bettlach, or EKB for short. In 1952, the name was changed. The reason for this decision was the desire to remain consistent with the company’s logo, which from the beginning has been an anchor and a pair of compasses, forming together the letter A. In the 1950s, Atlantic invented a patent, namely the quick correction of the date by means of a crown, which is now used by all watch manufacturers in the world. This is the perfect solution for people who work every day in the office. In addition to their timeless and classic design, these wristwatches stand for elegance and sophistication. People who choose them can easily enhance their character. The Atlantic brand creates timepieces that follow the latest trends. Atlantic watches are popular with customers from all over the world. The brand’s most popular collections currently include: Seabase, Seamoon and Worldmaster.

Casio Edifice – for fans of sporty elegance

Casio is a Japanese company that was founded by Tadao Kashio, who was assisted in his work by three brothers, Yukio, Kazuo and Toshio. After some time, the hard work of these talented Japanese made the company a great success all over the world. This was particularly due to the calculators they produced. The first watch Casio released was the Castorion, which was the world’s first computerised watch. The product was a great success. This translated into Casio producing watches with a calculator function. Today, they are the best-known products of the company. Casio watches combine two styles: sporty and elegant. This is also the case with the Casio Edifice, which offers watches with a modern design and plenty of useful functions to help you in your life. Some Casio Edifice models also come with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can control the watch with a smartphone. An added bonus of the series is that it includes large dials with hands. When you buy a Casio watch, you can be sure of its high-quality workmanship and reliability. The Edifice collection is no different. They are available in basic colours to match almost every outfit and occasion.

Armani – designer watches

Armani is a famous Italian fashion house that was founded on 24 July 1975 by the very famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani and his partner Sergio Galeotti. Armani has numerous sub-brands, including Emporio Armani, which targets teenagers and young adults. Apart from high-end watches and smartwatches, Emporio Armani offers men’s and women’s clothing, sunglasses and fragrances. The Armani Connected collection includes devices that are a combination of a smartwatch and an analogue watch. Luxury Armani Connected watches stand out for their great functionality. They offer Google Pay contactless payments, Bluetooth connectivity, heart rate monitoring and music control. Armani Connected men’s smartwatches will be perfect not only for the office, but also for every day.

Men’s watch – the perfect complement to any outfit

Companies such as Atlantic, Casio or Armani offer the most stylish men’s watches for businessmen. They are characterised by high quality workmanship, timeless design, simplicity and great functionality. All these features make them an excellent choice for anyone who works in an office and pays attention to their image.

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