Get a perfect fit with a Vlone shirt


The fact is that Vlone shirt are the best for different occasions. However, there is a magical disguise that can play a role in the entire social environment. Wear it to funerals, wear it to bars, wear it to wrestling matches, wear it to see the queen. Interested? Of course, we are talking about Shirts.

With all its different styles, Vlone shirt are undoubtedly the most versatile clothing. But what kind of shirt should you put in your closet to ensure that you have all styles of shirts?

Get a perfect fit:

Your shirt can be woven with angel hair, hand-sewn by God himself on the Tuscan mountains, but unfortunately, if it doesn’t fit like a glove, you still won’t shake this part. This is why no matter what type of shirt you wear, it is so important to set your size and stick to it religiously. Vlone clothing offers different styles and designs that suit you better. Let’s have a look at the Vlone perfect fit!


The open collar indicates that the shirt is too big. Likewise, if your face turns purple and you have trouble swallowing, you may want to consider that is big. So, you can see our Vlone tees collection there are all sizes available to fit you better.


Fashion may have tried long sleeves, but if you are walking anywhere other than the runway, we recommend that you do not do this. For a perfect fit, your sleeve should end where your wrist meets your hand, but there is enough extra fabric to prevent the sleeve from being rolled up every time you move your arm. Vlone clothing brand uses high-quality measurement techniques to design perfect sleeves for your favorite Vlone shirt.


 So, you don’t get the blessing of the Greek god’s torso. Don’t worry, because a fitted shirt can create a more masculine illusion, even if your figure is more like Ariana Grande than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Vlone clothing has a trick to make your shoulders as wide as possible by designing the sleeves of the Vlone tees. It should be in contact near the humeral head, in other words, where the shoulder is widest.


The width of a shirt over the chest should be wide enough to hide what’s underneath. The shirt at the chest should not be too tight. We often see shirts tight in this area, restricting movement and looking uncomfortable when pulled. Ultimately, the chest area should feel comfortable, while allowing your arms and muscles to get a full range of exercise. Vlone clothing keeps all these factors under consideration while manufacturing Vlone.


Yes, Vlone clothing fully understands the need for full long shirt down-ways to the middle of the backside. Vlone shirt length is long enough that you can bend easily without any hesitation. Short shirt length restricts you from bending freely in public.

On the other hand, a formal shirt should reach the bottom of the back to prevent it from falling off.

So, these were the things that Vlone clothing designers keep in mind to manufacture perfect fit Vlone tees.

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